Senior Backend developer

About Job
Years of Experience 4+ year
Qualifications Hands on experience
Personal Note Candidates should be earnest and driven to create an impact with the work that they do. Looking for someone with an open mind, willingness to learn and evolve.
Skills Required:
  • Effective Communicator

  • Ability to Adapt & Evolve

  • Ability to think and solve problems

  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment

  • Experience Integrating with third-party libraries and APIs & Payment Gateways

  • Deep understanding of Data structures and ES6 Functionalities

  • Should be able to write unit tests

  • Deep understanding of architecture and software design patterns

  • xperienced in working with caching, message queues, SQL and NoSQL databases

  • Experienced in API design for Microservice architecture will be a plus

  • Any frontend(React/Angular) experience will be a plus

  • Experienced in container technology (Docker, Kubernetes) will be a plus.

Job Details:
  • Working on building scalable applications

  • Working on REST APIs

  • Working closely with the BA, the team lead and the teams

  • Should guide the junior developers to follow standard conventions

  • Experience Integrating with third-party libraries and APIs & Payment Gateways

  • You vouch for Best Practices and Clean code conventions

  • Can translate business Ideas in to technical solutions

  • Deep understanding of Data Structures and ES6 Functionalities

  • Code review is your Mantra

  • Apply latest technology trends in the projects

  • You code API's and logics with ease

  • Cross contribution to projects

  • Experience working with various UI design frameworks

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